the asian acceleration program

Adapt (2-3 months )

that is the moment when the scale up will get to know the Singaporean and Asian and will need to shape its products and operations to grow in this market
The founder adaptation will also happen at this time and he/she will receive the necessary logistics support at Blue Spark Hub, so his/her only worry will be the business

Fly (4-6 months)

The main focus of this phase will be to implement the strategies designed in the first months and accelerate the business growth in the region

The scale up will be improving its products and services at the same time that is scaling in sales and getting ready for the achieve stage

During this time, if appropriate, some time will be spent in China or in other relevant markets in the region

Achieve (2-3 months)

In these final months, the company will get ready to graduate and continue their growth in Asia, or worldwide

The objective is to make the company independent and able to perform in a dynamic market, so the scale up will receive support in shaping its future plans

This is the time when the decision will be made on the most desirable vision for the future of the business in Asia

acceleration program

a bridge to China

Access to Chinese market and investors made easy from Singapore thanks to significant government partnerships, more easily overcoming language and cultural barriers