Asia Takeoff Mini Master

the only multi-market program to grow your startup or scaleup in Asia

two weeks

three countries

800 million people

the world’s most innovative cities

investment pitching opportunities

company visits

incubators visits

Why the Asia Takeoff program

There is no better moment than now to grow an innovative company in Asia, escaping the frustration of the difficulties of funding growth in Europe and avoiding the crowded US market.

And expanding into Asia is not easy, and the amount of time, energy and money needed to navigate such a large and diverse continent requires more than most startups and scaleups can afford. But the opportunities are huge, and the right framework can open the doors to unprecedented growth.

So, where in Asia is better to expand and how can you grow successfully in the most dynamic market in the world?

While there are some programs that can help you look at one market, Grow in Asia is the only initiative that can expose you to three markets and provide you with high quality connections and interactions in all of them.

This is the best jumpstart you can dream of.

The Asia Takeoff program

Asia Takeoff is a two weeks immersion program, taking place in Singapore and Tokyo, plus a third city to be decided, for ambitious startups and scaleups to learn, grow, pitch, network, and take the first steps in having a presence in Asia.

The experience exposes participants to two of the ‘big seven’ innovative cities in the world and one of the emerging world cities (source: World Economic Forum)

The program features a tailored agenda that includes inputs from academia, blended with company visits, pitching, personalized business coaching. The program also includes private interactions with thought leaders, investors and expert panels.

The Asia Takeoff program is a full immersion, selective experience where European entrepreneurs will gain invaluable knowledge and insight, as well as a precious high-level network of peers and supporters.

The program benefits

Acquire solid Asia insight and expertise

  • understand what’s in Asia for your business
  • unleash unique opportunities for your startup/scaleup
  • know how to adapt and thrive above competition, in and outside the continent

Network and partner with North and South-East Asia ecosystem leaders

  • build commercial partnerships in Asia
  • boost meaningful relationships with thought leader entrepreneurs and investors

Explore funding opportunities

  • 1-to-1 contact with active investors
  • shape deals for your future growth
  • raise substantial funds at advantageous valuation
  • identify further opportunities for acceleration in the most suitable markets

About the organizers

Blue Spark Hub – co-founded by a leading Italian business angel, a business builder with 15 years of Asian experience and a seasoned Singaporean investor, Blue Spark Hub provides an acceleration platform to scale European innovative companies in Asia

Emil Abirascid – journalist, writes on innovation that becomes new enterprise. He is founder and CEO of Startupbusiness, the social network where start ups, investors, enterprises, universities, incubators and scientific parks can change experiences, resources, projects and do business together.

Investments and dates

To be announced